Held on 22 July, 2017

Meeting of Partap IPDA Executive Committee Member Meeting was held on 22nd July, 2017 at 11:30 am under the chairmanship of Dr. Balwant Singh.

Members Present:

Dr. Balwant Singh, Dr. Manpreet Kaur, Dr. Ramesh Sandhu, Dr. Mohua Khosla, Dr. Chaman Lal Banga, Dr. Ranbir Singh Kingra, Dr. Tripta Sharma, Mr. Rampal Singh, Ms. Sona Thakur


Dr. Susheela Narang, Dr. Rakesh Sandhu


  • Balwant Singh, Chair, IPDA India, presented before the members the brochure of the upcoming Partap- IPDA International Conference to be held from 27-29 October, 2017. He asked for suggestions and feedback from the members with a view to finalize the same. Talking about professional development of teachers, he said that we have not been able to change the already existing fundamentals, hence, we need to stress upon the need to include just in- service teachers but also the pre-service/prospective teachers.
  • Balwant Singh also put forward his view that this time the duration of the conference has been increased by a day to include a workshop and poster session as well.
  • He also proposed to select a students’ group for participation in the conference, which was seconded by all other members. He also agreed to make the necessary arrangement for stay of the students.
  • It was decided that there should be at least 100-150 students for participation in the workshop.
  • Balwant Singh requested all the members to prepare a group of students for participation in the conference.
  • Balwant Singh also mentioned the point of increase in participation of foreign delegates in the conference this time. He informed the committee members that around 10-12 countries are expected to participate this time including France, Germany, Russia and Dubai.
  • Talking about the registration process of the conference, he said that more than 50 members had already registered for the same.
  • Kingra put forward a need to discuss the membership criterion. Dr. Balwant Singh here rightly put across the information to all the members that in other countries even the primary school teachers, college teachers, B.Ed. college teachers and people from other professions too- NGOs, Nurses, Businessmen etc.- participate in such conferences.
  • The members were informed that Dr. Coleen Jackson had already consented to participate in the conference as the resource person. Among other tentative names were Dr. Margery and other eminent scholars from University of Salamanca, Bulgaria and Russia.
  • It was decided in the meeting that at least one member from the executive committee would be present in the workshop and also in chairing a session. All members agreed to make it mandatory that one executive member should be present.
  • Balwant Singh called for suggestions regarding the issue –whether a Chief Guest needs to be called for the inauguration of the conference or not. He proposed the name of Dr. S.S Johl, who would be very punctual. Given Dr. Johl’s record all members unanimously agreed upon his name.
  • As proposed by Dr. Balwant Singh and it was agreed by all members that all the executive members would be a part of the organising committee of the Partap – IPDA  International  Conference; while in Partap College of Education  the organising committee would consist  of: Dr. Manpreet Kaur, who will head the committee; Ms. Sona Thakur, Ms. Amritbir Kaur, Ms. Kiran Bittiza,, Ms. Shaveta Sharma and Mr. Roop Lal. The Executive Committee for the conference would include: Dr. Ramesh Sandhu. Dr. Rakesh Sandhu, Prof. Rampal Singh, Dr. Tripta Sharma, Dr. Susheela Narang, Dr. R.S Kingra, Dr. Mohua Khosla.
  • While discussing the hospitality arrangements, Dr. Balwant Singh proposed that Hotel Nirvana, which is situated very close by the college and the CIPHET guest house can be used for accommodating the stay of the guests; and the hostel in the college for making the requisite arrangements for the students. All members unanimously agreed upon this.
  • While discussing the schedule of the conference, Dr. Chaman Lal Banga took the responsibility for the cultural Programme for the cultural evening during the conference.
  • While discussing the registration process, Dr. Manpreet Kaur suggested to fix the amount at Rs. 3000 for those who opt for on the spot registration, while it would be Rs. 2500 for Non- IPDA members were in agreement over this. Dr. Mohua Khosla proposed that the registration fee for the research scholar be fixed at Rs. 1250 (including food and stay arrangements).
  • Balwant Singh suggested that there should be no exemption from registration fee for principals. They would be given a receipt and the same fee may be sponsored by their respective colleges.
  • Manpreet Kaur proposed that abstracts may be published in form of Book. All the members agreed that a book of abstracts would be published before the conference. The papers would be given to the presenters in the form of a soft copy in a pen drive.
  • Rampal Singh and Dr. Ramesh Sandhu Shared their experiences about IPDA International Conferences.
  • Balwant Singh discussed the sub-themes of the conference and also invited suggestions of the members.
  • Discussing the organisation of regional workshops and seminars, Dr. Balwant Singh mentioned that one had already been conducted in Chail, H.P. Dr. Ranbir Singh Kingra, Dr. Tripta Sharma and Dr. Ramesh Sandhu were keen to conduct one in their respective colleges. It was agreed that Dr. Kingra would be hosting the next seminar/workshop on 1 October, 2017 in his college. Dr. Tripta proposed the next quarterly meeting of IPDA India to be held in her college. The proposals were approved by the house.
  • Ramesh Sandhu presented the vote of thanks. He expressed his gratitude towards Dr. Balwant Singh for his motivating words.