My Dear Students

We all know that due to coronavirus outbreak all educational institutions were shut down entirely and are switched to online classes as part of efforts to prevent the spread of the virus in the academic community.  I can understand that the pandemic, lockdown, and closure of the college have left many of you feeling lonely, isolated and stressed.

Now as the cases of COVID-19 are declining, the government has decided to open the higher education institutions and I am thrilled to welcome you all back to the college to create and enjoy face to face learning opportunities like group discussions, reflections, morning assemblies, training in ICT and workshops to prepare you for the new scenario of the teaching profession. The students are facing harmful learning gaps and backlogs due to the ‘pandemic remote teaching’ which are difficult to reduce and clear but an important mission to undertake. We hope that face to face mode of activities will be successful in developing the non-cognitive domain of your personality such as values, emotions, motivation and reduction of anxiety which were missing in remote teaching-learning. We are also designing better learning situations, opportunities and activities for maintaining social and psychological well-being of you all.

Our job as a teacher educator is not limited to the delivery of teaching content only rather it is more to do with facilitating opportunities for growth of your personality as a teacher and inculcating teaching skills amongst you. Equipping you with self-awareness, critical thinking skills that you can carry with you into the real world upon completion of your professional course is more important to prepare you for the new scenario of employment in post COVID period. Meeting this goal, we have to be in face to face contact and create experiences that significantly alter the way you view the world and yourselves.

Ironically and unfortunately, COVID-19 pandemic has created an experience that is unlikely to be forgotten, but if viewed with a growth mindset, the belief that one’s skills and qualities can be cultivated through effort and perseverance, it can be life-changing. Such a mindset will serve you well in the future, far beyond the timeline of a temporary pandemic.

Best Wishes