From 11-17 December Prof. Balwant Singh, the honourable Director of Partap College of Education, along with Dr. Manpreet Kaur, Principal of the college, embarked on a significant academic visit to Russia. The primary objective of the visit was to foster international collaboration in the field of education and academic research. During their stay, they successfully signed two Memoranda of Understanding (MoU), solidifying partnerships with Moscow City University and Kazan Federal University, Russia.

Moscow City University MoU:

The delegation from Partap College of Education had the honor of engaging in fruitful discussions with representatives from Moscow City University. After thorough deliberations on potential areas of collaboration, both institutions recognized the mutual benefits of cooperation. The MoU signed with Moscow City University encompasses areas such as:

Exchange programs for faculty members and students.

Collaborative research initiatives and joint projects.

Sharing of academic resources and materials.

Organizing joint conferences, workshops, and seminars.

Joint research publications

The agreement with Moscow City University is a testament to the commitment of both institutions towards promoting cross-cultural understanding and enriching the academic experiences of their respective communities.

Kazan Federal University MoU:

Partap College of Education and Kazan Federal University had previously established a partnership with the signing of a MoU. This collaboration aimed at fostering academic and cultural exchanges, facilitating joint research initiatives, and promoting mutual understanding between the institutions. The renewal of this MoU for another five years highlights the commitment of both institutions to sustaining and expanding their collaborative efforts. The visit also included a productive meeting with vice rector of Kazan Federal University. Recognizing the importance of global academic partnerships, both institutions were keen on establishing a framework for collaboration. The updated agreement reflects the shared commitment to academic excellence, research collaboration, and the promotion of cultural understanding including:

Student and faculty exchange programs to facilitate cross-cultural learning.

Joint research initiatives in areas of mutual interest.

Shared access to academic resources and facilities.

Collaboration in organizing international conferences and seminars.

The collaboration with Kazan Federal University signifies a commitment to fostering academic excellence and promoting cultural and academic exchange between Partap College of Education and one of Russia’s esteemed universities. This MoU was started in 2019 and since then various activities among faculty and students of both institutions enhance the international profile of both institutions and contribute to the broader goals of fostering global citizenship and academic innovation.

Prof. Balwant Singh and Dr. Manpreet Kaur also participated in International Summit within the framework of the Kazan International Linguistic Summit (KILLS-2023) from 13-15 December 2023 held at Institute of philology and intercultural communications, organised by Kazan Federal University.  Prof. Balwant Singh in his welcome speech acknowledged the significance of international events in strengthening the professional relationship between both the countries and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that is signed between Partap College and Kazan Federal University, Russia. Dr. Manpreet Kaur as an editor of some reputed international educational journals presented her report on “How to Publish in academic journals” She presented and discussed some tips to publish in International journals for young researchers.

The successful signing of MoUs with Moscow City University and Kazan Federal University marks a significant milestone for Partap College of Education in its pursuit of global academic excellence. These partnerships will not only provide valuable opportunities for students and faculty but also contribute to the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the institutions.