Partap IPDA International Conference 2020 was organised by IPDA India and Partap College of Education, Ludhiana, in collaboration with Kazan Federal University under the patronage of International Professional Development Association (IPDA), U.K. on the theme “Cross-border and Multicultural perspectives in Professional Development” on 22-23 February 2020. More than 150 Academician and professionals from six countries and various states of India participated.

In the inaugural session, the chief guest S. Jagpal Singh Khangura a formal councillor from Hounslow, England shared his cross-border experiences. He appreciated the efforts of the management of the institution and said that such events should take place more often in our country for the betterment of future teachers. Eminent speakers from different corners of the world were Dr. Fiona King, School of Inclusive and Special Education, Dublin, U.K., Prof. Juanjo Mena from University of Salamanca, Spain, Prof. Ken Jones, Chair of the Editorial Board, Journal Professional Development in Education, IPDA U.K., Prof. Laura Sara Agrati, University of Bari, Italy, Prof. Kirandeep Kaur, Punjabi University, Patiala, Ms. Victoria, Research Associate, Kazan Faderal University, Russia, Dr. C.L..Banga, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, Dr. Ramesh Sandhu, C.R. College of Education, Hisar, Dr. Tatiana Pimenova Sergeevna and Dr. Svetlana V. Karkina from Kazan University, Russia.

Dr. Manpreet Kaur, Principal, Partap College of Education and Secretary, IPDA India, introduced and welcomed the guests. Dr. Balwant Singh, Chair of the conference and IPDA, India and Director, Partap College of education said that there are diverse opportunities as well as challenges involved in crossing borders at various levels. He said that we must develop capacities and competencies among the prospective teachers to learn, compete, surpass and become leaders who take along others towards the path of perfection.

The Third volume of the edited book “Professionalism in Education” with selected papers of the conference was released during the event. It has total of 48 chapters. Four technical sessions oriented on the sub-themes of the conference were conducted in which 89 papers were presented. An impressive and descriptive exhibition of 80 posters prepared by various researchers on various themes was also organised.  Senior academician patronized various technical sessions as Chair persons. Best Papers and Posters presented in the conference were awarded for presenting ideas in a coherent and reflective way.

Prof. Ken Jones stressed on teachers’ optimistic professional learning approach and the need to create space for new learning, developing and identifying new areas of living in today’s context and encouraging interdisciplinary learning. Prof. Jones also focused on leadership styles to encourage critical thinking and risk taking to pave way for new ideas. He also highlighted the need for multidisciplinary interactions to cross borders and to access the opportunities for engaging in cross border activities. He interestingly illustrated the role of IPDA India and partap to follow as flagship. Keynote speaker Dr. Fiona King from Dublin City University, discussed that International perspectives in professional development of teachers is not defined only by activities, courses or experiences but is as an outcome of these courses, activities and reflections on day to day experiences in the classroom. She also highlighted the role of leader as a support for developing a teacher’s autonomy and facilitating collaboration for professional learning.

Prof. Juanjo Mena discussed about MPI (Mentoring Profile Inventory), a tool that has potential to serve the exchange of beliefs and thoughts of the professions across different cultural contexts. He also emphasized that the theory or reflection must be supported with action. Prof. Kirandeep Kaur, another keynote speaker discussed about the Indian scenario of professional development. She said that the purpose of education is to Transform- Reform- Perform. Dr. Ramesh Sandhu, Vice Chairperson, IPDA India, said that empowering teachers is the key to facilitate professional development. A teacher’s role as a facilitator has increased many fold.

An interesting and impressive Punjabi folk Cultural and musical celebrations were held and added colours to this evening and left unforgettable memories.  The beats of Punjabi drum tuned everyone to dance in the typical folk rhythm.

Second day of Partap IPDA International Conference began with the presentation of Ms. Svetlana V. Karkina on Multicultural Approach in Professional Development of future Music Teachers through Russian and Indian Traditions.  Keynote speaker Prof. Laura Sara Agrati emphasized on the Prism of the learning environment and digital skills of innovative teacher. She also discussed about the online training plans on the basis of general profiles and needs of individual teachers, implementing professional and personal development of teachers. Ms. Victoria, Research associate, Kazan Federal University spoke on “Teacher Education at Kazan Federal University” where she stressed upon teaching is the transmission of knowledge, teachers are the dispensers of the knowledge and the students retransmit the knowledge back to the teachers. Another distinguished Key Note speaker Ms. Pimenova Tatiana, reflected upon the Pedagogical theories of learning as the new needs of the country demand new key competences and knowledge of a classroom teacher.

Dr. Fiona King represented the IPDA U.K. in this event. She presented the reflections on this conference. She said that the lay out and structure of this International Conference was highly interactive, inclusive and participatory. She thanked IPDA India Chair Dr. Balwant Singh for his efforts to inviting her as representative of IPDA U.K.  International committee. She said that I am most happy to take the feedback of this conference especially enthusiasm, professionalism and the excitement of the teachers, professors, principals and all delegates in this conference. She also finds poster exhibition wonderful and said that it was very difficult for her to make decision about the best posters. She said that it’s my pleasure to take extremely positive feedback of this conference to IPDA International Committee. She appreciated and acknowledged the activities of IPDA, India and congratulated Chair and Secretary for organizing the sixth International Conference of IPDA at Partap College of Education. She also applauded the efforts of Prof. Radif Zamaletdinov for introducing KFU to IPDA by collaborating in this conference.

Principal Dr. Manpreet Kaur appreciated the contribution of all the resource persons, speakers and delegates from different parts of the country and the world for participating in the conference. She also acknowledged Col. Amarjit Singh, Mr. Chaman Lal Banga, Dr. Ramesh Sandhu Mr. Jaspal Singh and Mr. Garg for establishing school forums of IPDA in different states of India. Dr. Balwant Singh, Chair IPDA India reflected upon the contributions by the dignitaries and other scholars who actively participated in the Conference. Dr. Manpreet Kaur extended the vote of thanks and concluded the two days international conference.