Report of International Webinar

Partap College of Education, Ludhiana organised an International webinar in collaboration with Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia on the topic “Effects of Prolonged Lockdown under COVID-19 on Education System” on 21 July 2020. The webinar commenced with welcome address by Dr Balwant Singh, Director, Partap College. Prof. Radif R. Zamaletdinov, Director, Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication, KFU expressed his felicity for collaboration with Partap College and he also appreciated the efforts of jointly organising such International webinars on contemporary sensitive issues.   The main ideology of the webinar is to unite the efforts of the world pedagogical community in solving the problems of the impact of the pandemic and the life restrictions caused by it on the education system.

The webinar was attended by 95 researchers from India, Spain, Italy and Russia. Eminent speakers from Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia were Prof. Iskander E. Yarmakeev, Prof. Tatiana S. Pimenova, Prof. Albina Abdrafikova, Prof. Gulnara I. Batyrshina and Prof. Svetlana V. Karkina.  Dr Manpreet Kaur, Principal and Ms. Balwinder Kaur, Asst. Prof.  were the speakers form India. Dr Manpreet Kaur spoke on ‘Build Back Better: Teacher resilience during COVID-19’. She emphasized that teachers need to be strong and stress free even in this period of disruption. Prof. Iskander E. Yarmakeev, Prof. Tatiana S. Pimenova, Prof. Albina Abdrafikova highlighted the pros and cons of Teaching Remotely. Prof. Tatiana expressed that teaching remotely is the best suitable and available resource for all to continue education in this lockdown and Prof. Albina explained the struggles faced by elderly teachers who are not techno savvy to teach online and prepare study content for the learners. Prof. Gulnara I. Batyrshina and Prof. Svetlana V. Karkina presented the effect of Prolonged Lockdown under covid-19 on Musical Education in Higher School. Prof. Svetlana explained how she is teaching music online. Ms Balwinder kaur presented her views on effects of lockdown on school education system in India. She focused on the challenges being faced by students, parents and teachers due to lockdown.  

Dr Balwant Singh in his concluding remarks expressed the concern for learners who are forced for home schooling due to which they are getting deprived of important aspects of education such as social, moral and cultural. He also Ms. Alka Joshi, Asst. Prof. concluded the session by extending vote of thanks.