Teachers’ Day Celebration

Teachers are the founders of a society that flourishes because of good work ethics and the humane touch needed to drive forward the spirit to achieve greater heights of achievements with each passing day.

The torch lit by Dr. Radhakrishnan, who is fondly remembered on the occasion of teacher’s day every 5th of September should continue to light up our lives. In keeping with the tradition and the devotion to carry forward this tradition, Partap College of Education, Ludhiana celebrated this occasion with much vigour and enthusiasm.

The students showcased their talent and their devotion towards their teachers through various presentations. Pooja, a student B.Ed., highlighted the historical importance of this day in her speech. Gagandeep Singh from D.El.Ed. focussed upon the qualities a teacher must have especially in the present era of knowledge explosion.

Kiranjot, Ritu, Manisha, Pallavi, Jasleen, Navpreet, Yogita, Arijit and Gurmukh, students of B.Ed. and D.El.Ed. beautifully presented  through a musical act the kind of teacher students want and what extremes teachers need to avoid. Principals of different schools where the students are undertaking their internship for the course of B.Ed. also participated in the event. Mrs. Balwinder Kaur Saini, Principal, Saini Public School presented a motivational song.

Ankita, Disha and Jyoti, students of B.Ed.handled the stage proceedings in a well-coordinated manner. Students of M.Ed. had made a special presentation on this occasion dedicated to their teachers. Mr. Bharat Dua, an esteemed alumni of the college in his brief interaction with the students encourages the youth to come forward and contribute constructively.

Dr.  Ramesh Inder Kaur Bal, the Finance Secretary of the college, was the guest of honour of the day.

Dr. J.P. Singh Bal, Chairperson, Partap College of Education, in his presidential address emphasized upon the Herculean task the colleges face today to produce good teachers. His crisp and precise message was all contained in a pithy statement ‘Be a good teacher to produce good teachers’.

Principal Dr. Balwant Singh, in his keynote address motivated the students to keep in mind the greater cause of promoting the welfare of all and not just their immediate students. The impact of one teacher lasts not just for one generation, it is carried forward with the generations to come. With a view keep building teachers who inspire and not just teach, he announced the awardee teachers, the best performers of the last completed session – Ms. Kiran, Mr. Pradeep Singh and Ms. Parveen Sharma; Mr. Roop Lal, PA to the Principal was also honoured for his tireless efforts. Priya Monga from B.Ed. class presented a vote of thanks.