Role of Meditation in Self Development 27.3.2018

An Extension Lecture was held at the campus of Partap College of Education, Ludhiana on the ‘Role of Meditation in Self Development.’ Mr. Anil Bharti was the keynote speaker  who is a  president of Swami Vivekanand Swarg Ashram Trust, Model town extension, Ludhiana. Mrs Leena Bharti who is the volunteer of the pyramid spiritual societies movement wasalso present there. Mrs. Poonam Bala, the teacher incharge of Partap College’s Rotaract Team, welcomed the worthy guests and introduced them to all. She appreciated the efforts done by Mr. Anil Bharti and Mrs. Leena Bharti. She motivated the students to do works for the welfare of the society.

While describing the benefits of meditation, Mrs. Leena bharti told that by doing meditation the changes occur in the internal activities of body. Each cell of the body gets energized. Meditation is essential for physical, mental, spiritual and emotional development of personality. Mr. Anil Bharti also described that meditation is necessary for changing attitude, removing stress, anxiety, increasing concentration and providing  peace of mind. The power of meditation is also described by showing a video on Spiritual Reality.

Dr. ManpreetKaur vice –Principal of Partap college of Education   honoured the worthy chief guests by presenting ‘Award of Honour’. At the end she proposedvote of thanks  to all.