Partap IPDA India International conference was organized on 02-03 February 2024 under the patronage of IPDA UK on “Navigating Change: Professional Learning in a Rapidly Changing World” at Partap College of Education, Ludhiana, India. The conference was largely attended by eminent scholars, teacher educators, teachers, principals and school heads from various states of India and abroad.

Dr. Manpreet Kaur, secretary IPDA India, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, expressing her pleasure and honor at seeing such a distinguished gathering of educators, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from around the world. She introduced the theme of the conference, highlighting its relevance in the context of the rapidly evolving landscape of education in the 21st century. Dr. Balwant Singh, Director of the institution, esteemed organizer and key figure behind the conference, provided an insightful overview of the event, highlighting its significance and key objectives. Drawing attention to the conference theme and topics, Dr. Singh highlighted the relevance and timeliness of the chosen theme in the context of rapid societal and technological changes. He emphasized the importance of exploring innovative approaches and solutions to navigate these changes effectively and promote excellence in education. With his expertise and leadership, Dr. Singh played a pivotal role in shaping the conference into a successful platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Inaugural session of the conference was held on 02 February and Prof. A. A. Fedorov, Rector IKFBU, Kaliningrad was invited to deliver his welcome speech and present a keynote address on the main theme online and he focused on strengthening the academic collaboration of the professional development of the teachers. He appreciated the efforts of IPDA India to organize high profile International Conference for developing a strong network of teaching community. He extended all the possible support for the cause of education, research innovations and development of faculty at all levels. Dr. G.S Kalra, District Governor, Lions International (321 F) and also patron of PCE campus Lions club presided over this session along with his team of executive council . Dr. Kalra proposed to get matching grant from Lions International for the high tech infrastructure for the Institution.

Prof. Anna O. Budarina, Head, Institute of Education and the Humanities, IKFBU, Kaliningrad, presented her awakening keynote speech on the topic- Second Language Identity: The Present and Future of Multi-Agent Interaction in Cross-Cultural and Socio-Cultural Contexts of Teacher Education. Prof. Budarina’s keynote shed light on the intricate dynamics of second language identity, emphasizing the role of multi-agent interaction in cross-cultural and socio-cultural settings. Her insightful discourse provided valuable perspectives on navigating linguistic and cultural diversity in educational environments. In next keynote, Prof. Tatiana Baklashova, Deputy Director, Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, Kazan Federal University, Kazan offered a historical perspective on pre-vocational teacher training, highlighting international experiences of professionalization. By tracing the evolution of teacher training practices, she underscored the significance of historical insights in shaping contemporary approaches to professional learning. Prof. Anastasia Belolutskaya, Head, Laboratory of Professional Competence Assessment and Adult Development, and Prof. Daria Milayaeva, Head, International Relations, from Moscow City University, Moscow, Russia presented a keynote on  comparative study focusing on professional learning of teachers in diverse educational contexts across different regions. Their research delved into the nuances of educational practices and policies for professional learning of teachers, offering valuable insights for navigating educational change in varied socio-cultural settings.

The conference also featured a vibrant poster exhibition showcasing innovative research and practical initiatives in professional learning and educational development by novice teachers and research scholars.

The conference included comprehensive technical sessions encompassing a wide range of topics pertinent to professional learning and educational development. Both offline and online sessions were meticulously curated to provide a diverse array of perspectives and expertise. At the offline venue, participants engaged in face-to-face interactions, discussions and dynamic presentations. These sessions fostered networking opportunities, enabling participants to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and deepen their understanding of emerging trends in professional learning.

Concurrently, virtual session was also conducted via an online platform, facilitating global participation and remote access. Prof. Tatiana Pimenova, from Kazan Federal University presided over this virtual session. Through live-streamed presentations, interactive webinars, and virtual networking forums, participants connected from various locations worldwide, enriching the discourse with diverse perspectives and insights.

Second day of the conference started with the Keynote of Prof. Ajay Attri, Head, Department of Education, Himanchal Pradesh University, Shimla delivered a keynote speech addressing the academic circle on the theme of enhancing learning experiences through technological and pedagogical integration. Drawing upon his extensive expertise in education and his involvement in prestigious professional bodies, Prof. Attri provided valuable insights into the challenges and concerns associated with this transformative approach. Natalia Ageeva, a distinguished research fellow at Moscow City University, Moscow, Russia, presented her research focusing on teacher professional development, with a comparative analysis of top-performing practices in Japan, China, and Singapore. Leveraging her expertise in education and research, Ms. Ageeva delved into the unique approaches and strategies employed by these countries to enhance the professional growth and effectiveness of their educators.

Dynamic panel discussions convened experts, practitioners, and stakeholders to explore pressing issues, share best practices, and envision future directions in professional learning. Prof. Balwant Singh, Prof. Anna O Budarina, Prof. Daria Milyaeva and Prof. Ajay Kumar Attri were the panelists. They offered diverse perspectives, debated key topics, and engaged in constructive dialogue, generating actionable insights and recommendations for navigating change effectively.

The conference concluded with the formulation of resolutions aimed at fostering collaborative efforts and initiatives for advancing professional learning amidst rapid change. Prof. Balwant Singh while presenting resolutions of the conference said that it is high time to navigate the quality of pre-service teacher training so that only competent persons step into teaching profession and continuous professional learning for in-service teachers should be integral part of the profession. Prof. Anna gave reflections on the conference and acknowledged the importance of global events in fostering professional growth and cultivating a global perspective.

Several delegates expressed appreciation for the quality and depth of the presentations delivered by keynote speakers, researchers, and practitioners. They highlighted the relevance of the topics addressed and commended the organizers for assembling such a diverse and informative program in feedback session which provided an opportunity for delegates to share their reflections, insights, and suggestions following the presentations and discussions at the conference. Mrs. Kusumlata Narula, National Awardee, a retired government school principal, and Prof. Sushma Malhotra from New York, USA, brought diverse perspectives and experiences to the dialogue, enriching the discourse with their vision.

The cultural programme featuring classical Indian music and folk dances provided a vibrant showcase of India’s rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions. Attendees were treated to a captivating journey through diverse musical and dance forms, celebrating the timeless beauty and cultural diversity of India. Eminent high-profile scholars and Chief Guest were honoured with stamped mementos and souvenirs with all humbleness and regards by Prof Balwant Singh, director and Dr Manpreet Kaur, Principal, PCE, Ludhiana. At the end vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Ramesh Sandhu, Vice- chair, IPDA India. Conference drew to a close with National Anthem.

This International Conference served as a forum for interdisciplinary exchange, fostering dialogue, and collaboration among educators, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. The insights shared by keynote speakers, the depth of research presentations, and the interactive sessions underscored the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in navigating the complexities of the modern educational landscape. The conference provided a valuable platform for fostering innovative approaches to professional learning, empowering participants to navigate change effectively and contribute to the enhancement of educational practices globally.