In keeping with the traditions, Alumni meet was held today i.e. on 31.08.2016 at Partap College of Education, Hambran Road, Ludhiana. Nostalgia filled the atmosphere and the echoes of the memories from the student life could be very well discerned by all. Alumni Meet gives its esteemed members a golden chance of a lifetime to relive the carefree days of their student life once again. Oblivious to the cobwebs of the life entangling them now, the former students of Partap College of Education, Ludhiana walked around the corridors carefree. Hafeez Jalandhari’s brilliant nostalgic lines were on their minds, “Ye galiyan abhi tak hasino jawaan hain/Jahaan  humne apni jawani lutaadi”.

The co-ordinator of the meet, Mr. Ajay Kumar, Assistant Professor, of the college, welcomed the students back again on campus, where they did leave their footprints behind. In his welcome address, he specifically mentioned how the students had been so eager to be there ever since they got the information. He also motivated the students to do their bit towards contributing to carry forward this legacy of the college. The college has been following this tradition of annual gathering of the Partap College Alumni Association for more than a decade. The student President of the association, Mr. Gursharan Singh, shared his heartfelt views and emotions of his association with the college ever since he passed out from this college. The new office-bearers of the Association also took oath. The outgoing President, Mr. Gursharan Singh, would continue to serve as the Patron, while Mr. Bharat Dua, took over as the new President. Mr. Bhalinder Singh was elected as the Vice-President, Ms. Manisha as Secretary, Ms. Tanu Singla Joint Secretary and Mr. Anurag Amar and Mr. Sandeep Singh as the Executive Members. The new body chalked out a fresh enthusiastic plan for the year. A host of events have been planned for the current students like tree plantation, blood donation camps, cultural programmes and other literary activities.

In his keynote address Principal Dr. Balwant Singh, came forward with an aspiring and comprehensive plan as to how the alumni as an association can do their bit towards the society by contributing in the constructive activities of social welfare. He particularly mentioned how the students had made all the efforts fruitful that he and his team have put in since the inception of this college. He emphasized on the particular constructive role played by the educational institutions in the present scenario of depleting moral and ethical values, and the ever-growing competitive spirit. He recalled the achievements of the students, who have brought laurels to the college over the years. He said, “We can bask in the glory of the achievements of our students, satisfied as a parent that our children are placed well and doing good in their lives.” Mrs. Manpreet Kaur, Vice-Principal, presented a vote of thanks and also encouraged the new office-bearers to work in unison in making this concept of Alumni Associations all the more meaningful.