Press Note


At Partap College of Education, Ludhiana a multidimensional orientation cum extension lecture was organised to boost the morale of students and staff so that they can quickly go to the reconciliation mode for their recovery of loss incurred during Covid shutdown.

Principal, Dr. Manpreet Kaur welcomed the guests and all present. She motivated the students to  be regular to enhance their teaching skills and fill the learning gap. Director, Prof. Balwant Singh highlighted the inter connected parameters of Covid pandemic which have broken the normal chain of life. A damaging attitude of students and parents about non attending mode of education which is throwing out ‘educated unemployable youth with fake genuine degrees’ in the society which is a matter of great shame for all of us. Prof. Singh gave illustrations on the glory of teaching profession from his own experience to bring back the same rhythm of study, training, teaching, leaning and skill development. He also sighted the great hymns from Gurbani and for its logical insight. Students and staff recited the holy path of shri Sukhmani sahib. Religious discourse was illuminating to know the seasonal importance of this month of sawan (rainy season). Prof. Singh brought this concept of revival of nature after long span of scorching heat to again grow by forgetting the problems of draught and heat. The students and teachers pledged to work hard after this compelling shutdown for the welfare of their families, society and nation at large. ‘Guru ka langar’ was served. The students of the college also organised a beautiful cultural program which was enthusiastically instrumental in retuning and reviving the youth to the main steam. The event ended with vote of thanks extended by Ms. Balwinder Kaur, Asst. Prof of the college.