International Women’s Day

The International Women’s Day, which was observed on 8th March, 2021 was
celebrated at Partap College of Education, Ludhiana. Dr. Ramesh Inder Bal,
financial secretary, Partap College of Education, Ms. Rajni Jalota, reporter the
Dainik Savera, Ms. Deepa Sharma Sood, reporter the Hindustan Times, Ms.
Ragini Kaushal, reporter the dainik bhaskar, Ms. Kartika, coordinating editor
Punjab Screen, Blog media, Ms. Manpreet Kaur, reporter the Dainik Bhaskar
were the guests for the occasion.The limelight was on the tireless works and
activities of some women who have worked extraordinarily in their fields.
Ms. Balwinder Kaur (Assistant Professor) welcomed the guests and highlighted
the history of celebrating the International Women’s Day. The guests were
offered a floral welcome. They were introduced to the audience by highlighting
their achievements. Life Time Achievement award was honoured to Dr. Ramesh
Inder Bal for her contribution in the field of education and women welfare. All
the guest dignitaries were also awarded on behalf of the college. Assistant Prof.
Ms. Kiran Bittiza received the award of excellence.
Dr. Balwant Singh, Director, Partap College of Education, Ludhiana presented
his views regarding this special occasion. He accented the importance of this
day by saying that women’s day celebration is not a celebration but the
commemoration of the contributions of the women of all ages. He expressed his
grief regarding the gender discrimination, social insecurity of the females,
sexual abuses etc. He said that history carries the evidence of many violent
treatments towards women. He requested all the journalists to write for the
rights of the women with their sword i.e. pen. He motivated all the women
community to raise their voice for themselves. He also added that women
possess plethora of attributes. History has written the efforts of woman in
golden words. He suggested the women society to enter in the decision making
mechanism of the family and society. Women should try to bring a social
reform for their betterment.
On this occasion, students of B.Ed. class expressed their emotions and feelings
with their self-composed poems and speeches. Dr. Ramesh Inder Bal said that
women have to fix their target first and they have to stick on that She inspired
the new generation women to be independent and also blessed all the pupil
Journalist Ms. Deepa said that if women want to get respect then first they have
to respect their own self. She also focused on being independent. The Program

was concluded by proposing the vote of thanks by Dr Manpreet Kaur, Principal,
Partap, College of Education, Ludhiana. She has focused on the present status
of the women and inspired all the females to make her own position in the
society by combating all the hindrances which force her to take the back seat.