“Sustainable Development of Education: Mission. Transformation. Resources

Partap College of Education, Ludhiana is a renowned name in providing quality education and training teachers. Head and faculty of the college always make progressive efforts for participating in international events to explore about the best practices and teaching technologies, compare the unique experiences of different countries, and identify international trends in teacher education.

Prof. Balwant Singh, Director, Dr. Manpreet Kaur, Principal and Ms Balwinder Kaur, Asst. Prof, Partap College of Education, Ludhiana participated in 23rd International Pedagogical Congress on “Sustainable Development of Education: Mission. Transformation. Resources”held on 18-22 April 2023 organised by Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad, Russia. Teachers, scholars, researchers and experts from various countries participated in this congress.

Prof. Balwant Singh presented keynote address on “Development of Leadership for the Sustainable Development of Education”. He focused on the need of sustainable development and highlighted the need of education as a strong instrument for sustainable development and further defined the role of effective leadership in education for its success. He emphasised that a strong educational leader should have world view, cross border network, working across the boundaries, developing a professional community for putting the thought into action with high proficiency of commitment, communication, credibility, creativity, competence and collaboration. He further identified the need of training educational leaders from the efficient and competent teaching community.

Dr Manpreet Kaur presented research report titled “Women in Educational Leadership: Mental Health and Wellbeing”. She stated that women in education, be it as educator or leader, are no different to the general public, they experience stress amidst increased work as well as social pressure and face mental health and wellbeing issues. In her presentation she also asserted that despite ample development in every sphere of life, women in India still face blatant discrimination at their workplaces.  Ms Balwinder Kaur in her research report on “Professional Wellbeing of Teachers for Sustainable Career” expressed that professional well-being affects the efficiency of professional activities and the quality of life in general. Serious efforts are needed to eradicate the negativities from the teachers’ educational space to promote their PW.

During this visit Prof. Balwant Singh, Dr Manpreet Kaur and Balwinder Kaur attended meetings held with Prof. Olga Kim, Vice-Rector for politics and Youth education, Prof. Anna O Budarina, Head of the Institute for the Humanities and Education and Daria Gerber, Director of the International Office. The meeting was devoted to matters concerning academic exchange programs, faculty exchange program, organisation of international conference, joint research projects and promotion of publication under the MoU signed between IKBF university and the college. During this meeting the prospects for opening the IKBFU Centre for Russian Pedagogy and Language at the Partap College of Education was also discussed.

At the closing ceremony of the conference, Prof A A Fedorov, Rector, IKBF University made a special note for the Indian contingent taking part in the international congress and appreciated the cause of collaboration between these two institutions. A special lecture was organised on life history of Immanuel Kant as it was his birth anniversary and special tribute was also paid by the faculty and delegates to Prof. Kant by offering prayers and placing roses in his memory and contribution. 

This visit has opened a new chapter across the border for professional growth of teacher educators and fellowship with the faculty.