By Prof. Lakhbir singh (President, Pahal, NGO)

On 10th October, 2015 an extension lecture was organized in Partap College of Education on the topic Personality Development & Education Today which was addressed by Prof. Lakhbir Singh (President, PAHAL, NGO). He was introduced as well as welcomed by the Principal of the college Dr. Balwant Singh.While introducing he shared to everyone that Professor Lakhbir Singh initiated this organization in 1996 along with few of his fellows and named it as “PAHAL” (An initiative for social development).it is a non government organization with sole objective of Holistic Personality Development. He further told the students that PAHAL is working for the human welfare. All the activities covered by this organization are based to serve humanity and then he invited the guest for the lecture.

Sh. Lakhbir Singh, in his lecture shared that this organization has signed a memorandum of understanding with this college in partap_college_1bthe year 2014. While discussing on personality development he said that right kind of attitude is prerequisite factor for developing personality. He further shared that the four aspects are important in one’s life i.e. Health, Environment, Communication and Education.

He said normally every person focused on education for whole life whether it is his own life or his childrens’ life but do we focus on the other areas which are also of prime importance. He explained his points by showing and justifying on the basis of percentage. He shared that education covers only 25% weightage in one’s life. So he summed up that everyone is ignoring 75% of total life. Through his lecture he motivated the total gathering to cover and focus on the other aspects of life which also includes service of others and to live positively.

He shared that though he was suffering with blood cancer but even then he believes in serving others. He added that the tragedy of now days is that we all are living for ourselves only, without bothering the welfare of the society. The change is possible only if the young generations not only understand but also actively participate in this. He said one has to replace the word self with us. He added his organization is working to give boost to the personal holistic development of the youth, which leads to development of the society at large.




After this he gave forms to the students who voluntary want to become members. He told that annual membership fee Rs. 500/ while Rs. 3000/ was the life membership fee. Around 20-22 students voluntary took the membership. Principal Sir said it’s not essential that only members are suppose to serve others who so ever feels like, can come ahead.


He shared after a keen observation of today’s society particularly youth for the last Seventeen years, it has been concluded that the present system is producing a consumerist personality, concentrated on self only. It has lost volunteerism totally. As a result every kind of degradation has set in. All over the world moral & social values have been diluted.

partap_college_1epartap_college_1fHe shared that today’s world is facing dangerous diseases and calamities. The only way to sustainable development is an accurate infrastructure at every level or voluntary involvement of masses especially youth in every kind of development system, that needs an integrated personality but the circumstances are producing disintegrated personalities.

partap_college_1gIn the end the vote of thanks was given by the Principal Dr. Balwnt Singh. He told the gathering because of the true inclination of this organization, the management committee and administrative members gave the shape of collaboration in the year 2014.

He told the students that Baba Deep Singh Jee Saheed Charitable Society Faridabad Conferred ‘MANAV SEWA AWARD 2014’ award to Prof. Lakhbir Singh, Associate Professor in DAV College Jalandhar & President ‘PAHAL'(Youth organization) for his contribution towards society. He appreciated Prof. Lakhbir Singh for serving selflessly to mankind by blood donation, tree plantation, medical Camp, Youth Development, Water Conversation and other causes; he said even adversity of suffering from cancer could not stopped him. He honoured the guest with a college momento.

partap_college_1hAfter receiving momento Prof. Lakhbir Singh remarked, he personally loves to come to Partap College as his thoughts match with the Principal Dr. Balwant Singh, who himself is social reformer and serving the society in the field of education. This lecture was really a perfect combination of moral, ethical and motivation thoughts.