Extension Lecture by Prof Zoya Birring 13.3.2018

An extension lecture by Prof Zoya Birring from university of Texas, USA was held in Partap College of Education, Ludhiana. The Principal Dr. Balwant Singh welcomed Prof. Zoya.

Prof. Zoya commenced her lecture comparing Indian education system with that of USA. She said that the major difference between the two lies in the manner of evaluation. While Indian system of evaluation encourages us cramming and memorization, that in USA is based on logical process, to develop cognitive thinking and relate the problem to the real life situations. She said that everybody in USA has right to public education at the school level where lunch and text books are provided free of cost. In the colleges most of the students have to pay. She said that during her long experience of teaching, she has been consistently witnessing a change in the youth. Parental involvement is voluntary in USA schools. She also spoke about the special education programme in USA for the students with disabilities. She told the essential qualities of a good teacher including  mastery in the subject, kindness and compassion. A teacher’s role should be like a friend, guide, casual in teaching learning process. Teaching learning process must be interactive. Main emphasize is given on professional learning activities.

In her lecture, she had interaction with the students, who asked her several questions, which she answered to their entire satisfaction. In the end , Principal Dr. Balwant Singh along with Prof. Ramesh Inder Bal & Dr. Manpreet Kaur, vice principal of the college presented her a robe of honour. Dr. Manpreet Kaur presented a vote of thanks.