Partap College of Education, Ludhiana organised an International Webinar in collaboration with IPDA India and IPDA UK. International Professional development Association is an association that has been working for professional development of teachers since 1968. It has its six national associations and Partap College of Education established IPDA India in 2013 and it is head quarter of IPDA India.

The topic of the webinar is Professional Change and Resilience of Teacher Educators during COVID-19. The focus of the webinar is to elaborate the challenges for teacher educators during this testing time and the need to develop resilience as professionals.  The webinar commenced with welcome note by Ms. Alka Joshi, Assistant Prof. Ms. Pauline Smith, Chair, IPDA England welcomed and addressed the participants and appreciated the collaboration with IPDA India to conduct webinar.  She added such events supports the aims of IPDA UK.

Eminent Speakers of the webinar were Dr Balwant Singh, Chair, IPDA India and director, Partap College of Education, Ms. Karen Vincent, Senior Lecturer Early Childhood and Primary Initial Teacher Education, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, UK, Dr. Liz White, School of Education, University of Hertfordshire, UK and Ms. Victoria Research Associate, Institute of Psychology and Education, Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia.

Dr Balwant Singh spoke on ‘To move from change to resilience’ and supporting steps for teacher resilience. He emphasized on pedagogical changes and special operative procedures that every educational institution needs to follow.  Ms Karen highlighted the working in early years initial teacher education. She focused on educational philosophy that is required to be according to child’s needs. Dr Liz White expressed her views on working in partnership with primary and secondary schools. She added that new and experienced teachers need to work collaboratively for overall development. Victoria’s story was, effective transition to distance learning in times of change, choice and challenge. She asserted that time is vital resource for teachers and students, so it should be used efficiently.

In concluding session, Dr. Balwant Singh emphasised that teachers across the world need to work on self-resilience and internal locus of control to get out of pandemic shock and work fruitfully for the betterment of the society. He purposed a round table meeting among five countries that are Britain, Russia, Spain, Italy and India to present comparative situation of education system and provide suggestions to policy makers, society and mentors.

The webinar was attended by nearly 150 participants from different countries like England, Russia, Spain, Italy, Hongkong and India. Dr Manpreet Kaur, Principal, shed light on association with IPDA and purposed vote of thanks to all eminent speakers and participants.